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Company Background

 Founded in 2016 by senior IT Executive Michael Josephs, Divi Platinum's mission is to provide high level, strategic consulting to companies who need an experienced CIO but who are not ready to hire a full-time executive. 


The name Divi Platinum comes from the Divi-Divi tree of Aruba which is a natural compass, always pointing  in the same direction.


Divi Platinum's engagements have included Board and Technology Advisory participation with multiple organizations, including Sunwest Bank, the Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA), Sage Centers, InfoGen-Service Prime and Captive Eight.


Technology Measurement


At Divi Platinum, any process begins with measurement. Many new clients do not have technology measurements in place at the outset of the engagements. Michael starts clients with a baseline so they can begin the process of continuous improvement that is monitorable and measurable.

IT and Business Alignment


Divi Platinum knows how to align technology investment with business success  and 

understands that innovation should only occur to help grow the business. In some cases, technology is being underutilized, and in others it's being used to no business purpose. Michael translates technology into real dollars and show the business impact of every technology in use on the business. 

Hands-On People Management


A large part of a CIO’s job is managing people. Divi Platinum takes an active role in people management—from mentoring IT leadership to teaching staff best practices. Even with new technologies, people drive the business and getting the team on board and focused on the same goals is paramount to any company's success.

Knowing What Matters Most


Technology management is best approached in layers, with the most immediate needs addressed first Day one with a client, Michael asks the questions: What would close our doors today?  From there, the team can move on to issues like increasing efficiency, delivering peak-business performance and then to technology innovation and planning


Michael Josephs.jpg

Michael Joseph is a highly experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) who has led organizations in a variety of business sectors including finance, healthcare and government.

His experience includes delivery of complex, SaaS-based Financial Services for E*Trade Financial, Technology leadership of a former subsidiary of Ford Financial (Triad Financial), and the establishment of information collection, dissemination and presentation platforms and services for government agencies. 

Michael served as CIO for the lineage of companies which became the core of the Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Solutions group at Xerox, including oversight of the secure, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for processing of medical bills for some of the world’s largest medical payers. During his tenure, the  platform supported 800+% growth in transactional volume, while routinely achieving 3-9’s or greater of platform availability and 0% attrition of SaaS solution customers. 

In addition Michael has served in multiple advisory roles, including the Advisory Board for Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA), and Executive Advisory for Technology for Sage Centers, CaptivateEight and Sunwest Bank.

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